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Microchip-Cancer Connection

Could a microchip implant like the VeriChip cause cancer? A French Bulldog named Léon was the catalyst for new questions about the safety of RFID implants. One year ago, Léon’s owner contacted me with startling news. She believed that her dog’s cancerous tumor and his untimely death might have been caused by a microchip implant. […]

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Implantable Cardio Defibrillators

SANTA ANA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 4, 1999– Use of Implantable Cardio Defibrillators Growing at an Annual Rate Exceeding 20 Percent Microsemi Corp. (Nasdaq:MSCC) Friday announced that it has introduced a new high voltage MOSFET for implantable cardio defibrillator (ICD) applications that provides a size reduction of 40% over currently available devices. Component size is critical in […]

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